Hello, I’m Christian Lemp. Find me on Twitter to have a chat.


I am a PhD student in Systems Science at Binghamton University. In 2021 I joined the Center for Collective Dynamics of Complex Systems (CoCo Lab), where I will research simulation, modeling, and complexity science of organizations. My PhD advisor is Dr. Hiroki Sayama.


I work as a Director of Data Engineering at The Hartford Financial Services Group in Data Science. My focus there is three main areas:

  • delivering a large portfolio of data pipelines and models that deliver real-time decision analytics into business operations
  • leading a team of data engineers, computer scientists, and analysts to develop meaningful careers and personal growth
  • influencing our own workflow and department culture to be remote-friendly, efficient, and flexible

Previously, I:

  • Spent 5 years at Travelers in a variety of roles: audit analytics, operations research, and data engineering.
  • Spent 2 years at The Pert Group (acquired multiple times) doing data analysis for market research and product consulting.



Santa Fe, NM is home, where I live with my wife, dog, and cat. After being born and raised in NY and the east coast, I moved to Santa Fe in 2019 via road trip and a dream.